The Water and Sewer Department reads every meter and bills every customer each month.

Bills may be paid by bank draft:

  • At the drive-through window at the rear of the building
  • At our walk-in service counter
  • At the night depository located at the front entrance of City Hall (or at the drive-through window)
  • By mail at:Manchester Water and Sewer Department
    200 W Fort Street
    Manchester, TN 37355

You can also pay your water bill at most local banks and on the city website, Utility Billing For Water Online.

If you have a complaint about a high water bill, view the Billing Adjustment Information (PDF).

Current Water and Sewer Rates

AmountWater RatesSewer Rates
Up to and including 2,000 gallons $8.86 minimum $11.14 minimum
For the next 98,000 gallons  $4.43 per 1,000 gallon$5.57 per 1,000 gallon
All over 100,000 gallons $3.52 per 1,000 gallon$4.43 per 1,000 gallon
Unmetered residential customers N/A$26.51 minimum

Outside the corporate limits, industrial water and sewer rates will be one and one-half (1 1/2) times the inside rates, listed above. Outside residential and commercial rates will be two (2) times the inside rates, listed above.

  1. Candy Hilmoe

    Billing Office Manager

    Phone: 931-728-4652 ext. 1201

    Fax: 931-728-8244

  2. Terry Teal

    Lead Meter Reader

    Phone: 931-728-4652 ext. 1200
    Fax: 931-728-8244