Waste Disposal & Pick-up


The following are some of the rules and regulations that the Street Department has for the pick-up and disposal of different types of waste.

Note: All materials placed out for pick-up must be placed in separate piles of like items. If they are mixed together, residents will be left a notice and none of the debris will be picked up until separated. If tree limbs are trimmed professionaly a debris permit is required, and can be obtained through the Codes Department located at:
City Hall
200 W Fort Street
Manchester, TN 37355

If you have any questions about the following guidelines, please contact the Public Works Department at 931-728-6903 located on 1210 Oakdale Street

Type of Waste
Rules & Regulations
AppliancesThe City will pick up all appliances if they are placed out by the edge of the road and they will be removed on the regular pick-up day only. All appliances must be empty. No food, clothes, dishes, etc. can be left inside the appliance. If the appliance has doors, they must be taken off.
Construction and Remodeling DebrisA Debris Permit must be purchased before any debris will be removed from any construction or remodeling site. After the permit is obtained, items must be separated and placed at the street edge and will be picked up on the regular day for that area.
Grass Clippings / Small Fine Hedge ClippingsClippings must always be placed in paper leaf and lawn bags - not plastic. These can be obtained at different locations.
Hazardous Waste and Miscellaneous MaterialsTires can be removed for you by the Street Department but residents need to call the Department at 931-728-6903 for special pick-up instructions. The Street Department will pick up 8 tires per year, per household. Items such as car batteries, oil, paint, poisons, etc. can be taken to Coffee County Rural Waste. Call 931-723-5139 for more information.
LeavesThe City runs a leaf vacuum service during the fall and spring months. All leaves must be piled at the edge of the street. They must be out of the ditch along the edge of the pavement to prevent flooding. They must also be free of any sticks, rocks, toys, metal, etc. that would damage or cause equipment to break down.
During the off-season, leaves can be placed in the paper leaf and lawn bags, and cardboard boxes.
Trees, Tree Trimmings, Brush, etc.These items must be placed out at the edge of the street and must be free of any other debris, paper, etc.
Anything that is cut or trimmed by the homeowner will be picked up at no charge. Any trees cut or topped by a contractor or a person paid to do this work must be removed by the person or persons that cut the trees. A Debris Permit must be purchased before any tree debris will be removed.
The City can not pick up tree stumps due to having no way to dispose of them.