Burn Permits

If you are a citizen of the City of Manchester and need a burn permit you just need to contact Manchester Fire at 931-728-2999. There are some restrictions on burning within in the City of Manchester:


  1. No burning of leave piles.
  2. You may only burn natural wood products, no man made wood products. (No OSB, Plywood, painted wood or furniture items or trash can be burned)
  3. You burn pile must be 25 feet from any structure on the property.
  4. You must have a water source on site.
  5. You must stay with the fire while it is burning.
  6. The fire must be completely extinguished by sundown.

 If you live in Coffee County you must contact the State Division of Forestry  at 877-350-2876 or you can go to their web site at BurnSafeTN.org. The State Forestry phone bank is only open from 0800-1600 hours Monday thru Friday. When you go to their web site and you select Coffee County, a box will pop up informing you that if you live in the City of Manchester or Tullahoma you must contact those fire departments. When this occurs, just select OK, then in the upper left hand corner of the web page select NEW PERMIT and proceed on through the web site.

 Manchester Fire-Rescue monitors the State Forestry Division web site daily to determine if there are any restriction for burning within  Coffee County. If there are  any fire/weather restrictions identified by State Forestry Division, then no permits will be issued for that day.