Animal Control

City of Manchester Animal Control 931-723-7211

Coffee County Animal Control 931-723-2730

Animal Control

The Animal Control Department is in charge of investigating animal cruelty cases and performing related duties to promote compliance with laws of regulation animal treatment.

The Department observes areas of alleged violations, interviews available witnesses to determine if laws were being violated, and informs those who are committing inhumane acts towards animals.

Animal Control tries to aid animals in distress by feeding starving animals and freeing trapped animals. Removing animals from inhumane conditions and getting them back to the shelter for treatment and care is only the start of the process to finding animals good homes.

Adoption Information
Adoption Fees:$100

If vet documentation of vaccination is not received within 7 days of adoption date, the dog must be relinquished to the Manchester Animal Control Officer on duty. No refunds of adoption fee.

Visit the City Of Manchester Animal Control Facebook Page to view current adoptable dogs at: City of Manchester Animal Control