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Manchester City Hall
200 W. Fort St.
Manchester, TN 37355
Ph: (931) 728-4652
Fax: (931) 728-8273
The Water and Sewer Department reads every meter and bills every customer each month.

Bills may be paid by bank draft:
  • At the drive-through window at the rear of the building
  • At our walk-in service counter
  • At the night depository located at the front entrance of City Hall (or at the drive-through window)
  • By mail at:
    Manchester Water and Sewer Department
    200 W. Fort St.
    Manchester, TN 37355

You can also pay your water bill at most local banks and on the city website, Utility Billing For Water Online.

If you have a complaint about a high water bill, view the billing adjustment information.

Current Water and Sewer Rates
Up to and including 2,000 gallons $8.86 minimum $11.14 minimum
For the next 98,000 gallons          $4.43/1,000 gal. $5.57/1,000 gal.
All over 100,000 gallons $3.52/1,000 gal. $4.43/1,000 gal.
Unmetered residential customers $26.51 minimum

Outside the corporate limits, industrial water and sewer rates will be one and one-half (1 1/2) times the inside rates, listed above. Outside residential and commercial rates will be two (2) times the inside rates, listed above.

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