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Manchester City Hall
200 W. Fort St.
Manchester, TN 37355
Ph: (931) 728-4652
Fax: (931) 728-8273
Committees and Commissions
Planning Commission
Members Term Expires
Lonnie J. Norman September 2020
Cheryl Swan September 2018
Linda Bryan September 2017
Gary Trail September 2021
Freda Jones September 2018
Mark Williams September 2021
Stephen Jernigan September 2021

Water & Sewer Commission
Members Term Expires
Alderman Bellamy September 2020
Michael Anderson September 2017
Marlin Jones September 2021
Gary Hunt September 2018
Joshua Grosch September 2021
Terrence Hillsman September 2017
Nelson Watson September 2018

Recreation Commission
Members Term Expires
Leslie Brasfield September 2017
Dr. Prater Powell September 2017
Stan Rogers September 2019
Lana Sain September 2020
Leslie Trussler September 2020
Brent Parsley September 2018
Dennis Hunt September 2019

Manchester Housing Authority
Members Term Expires
Wilbert Eppenger October 2021
James E. Gerrard October 2017
Sage Keele October 2017
Howard Clutter October 2019
Donna T. Neel January 2021
Sarah Collins January 2021

ADA Compliance Committee
Members Term Expires
Teresa McFadden September 2017
Edward "Lucky" Knott September 2017
Cindy Weber September 2017
Jay Trussler September 2017
J. Sam Miller September 2017

Coffee County Industrial Development Board
Members Term Expires
Brent Parsley December 2018
William Goldston December 2022
Jess Overall December 2020

Duck River Utilities Commission
Members Term Expires
Jesse Potter July 2018
Bruce Runyan July 2019
David Pennington July 2017

Tourism & Community Development Commission
Members Term Expires
Joni McReynolds September 2018
Taylor Rayfield September 2017
Ryan French September 2020
Barbara Arp September 2021
Stephen Banks September 2019
Allison Dotson September 2021

Historic Zoning Commissional
Members Term Expires
Roger Guess September 2021
Cheryl Swan September 2021
Evans Baird September 2021
Scott Van Velsor July  2021
Gary Trail October     2017
Terri Hudson September 2019
Ray Amos July           2020
John Mancini September 2021
Jim Cavendish
Health and Codes Director Jamie Sain

Manchester Arts Commission
Members Term Expires
Richard Burton October 2017
Clifford Roberts October 2017
Jamie Hardin October 2018
Brenda Deadman October 2021
Lana Sain September 2020
Melissa Cartwright October 2017
Diane Petty October 2017
Jerry Bartlett October 2021
Diane Wiebert June 2021

Health, Education, & Housing Facility Board
Members Term Expires
Ed Henley September 2018
Kenny Sadler April 2021
Joe Hinch September 2021
Brent Parsley April 2021
Greg Perry April 2021
Jeremy Anderson April 2021
Roxanne Patton September 2021

Finance Committee

Alderman Cheryl Swan

Alderman Bob Bellamy, Chairperson

Alderman Tim Kilgore

Street and Street Lighting Committee

Alderman Tim Kilgore
Alderman Ryan French
Alderman Chris Elam

Safety Committee

Alderman Chris Elam
Alderman Ryan French
Alderman Lana Sain

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