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March 23, 2020 1:00 PM


Recent events in our state have impacted the employment of many Tennesseans. Governor Bill Lee signed Executive Order No. 15 on March 19, 2020.

As part of executive Order No. 15 the following is now in effect:

 The Executive Order temporarily suspends the standard one week waiting (“wait week”) period for unemployment benefits. This action will ensure that Tennesseans eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits will receive them as soon as possible once and if their claim is approved.

 The Executive Order temporarily allows for Unemployment Insurance benefits for a person who has to leave their job because they are quarantined by a medical professional or a health authority due to COVID-19 and who intends to return to that job after the quarantine, and who is otherwise eligible for benefits.

 The Executive Order temporarily allows for work search requirements to be modified so that an unemployment insurance claimant can satisfy requirements simply by creating and maintaining their reemployment plan, creating and maintaining a searchable and active resume, completing a career profile in Jobs4TN.gov, or any other good-faith reemployment strategy reasonably expected to result in reemployment after the health emergency ends.

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