Cross-Connection Control

Manchester Water Department Cross-Connection Control Plan

. Cross Connection Control (PDF)

Commercial and Industrial

To protect our customers, the department requires backflow prevention protection at any connection to the potable water supply that might allow contaminants to flow backwards into the system.

This means that all commercial and industrial customers are required to have an approved device in place between their facilities and the City water supply. In addition, all underground irrigation systems are required to have such devices.

In order to ensure compliance, periodic inspections will be made by Manchester Water and Sewer Department personnel. Additionally, the Department prohibits interconnections between wells and the City water supply.


Cross-connections can also occur in private residences when garden hoses are left submerged in pools or ponds, or when chemical sprayers are attached to hoses to spray pesticides or herbicides, etc.

To prevent this, hoses should be disconnected promptly after use. The installation of hose bib vacuum breakers is strongly recommended. These simple devices are available at many hardware, plumbing and builder's supply stores and range in cost from $5 to $15.

  1. Michael Kesling

    Distribution Manager