Wellness Room Overview

The staff at the Manchester Recreation Wellness Room are here to help you reach your fitness goals. Whatever your goals may be: to get fit for health reasons or just personal satisfaction of achieving your own fitness goals, our qualified staff will help you on your way. On your initial visit, you can set an appointment to learn how to use the equipment, have your measurements done, as well as have a personal program setup for free.

The Wellness Room is a full service gym, including cardiovascular equipment, a full weighted circuit, as well as a free weight area.

The following is a list of cardio equipment in the facility:

  • 2 StairMaster Stepmills
  • 5 True Ellipticals
  • 5 Matrix Ellipticals
  • 3 SciFit Seated Ellipticals
  • 9 True Treadmills
  • 1 Sci- Fit Ergometer – Upper Body Machine
  • 1 Rower
  • 4 True Recumbent Bicycles
  • 1 Schwinn Airdyne Bicycle
  • 1 Jacobs Ladder

In the weight training arena, we have a full circuit of 13 Body Master Plate loaded pieces of equipment to work the entire body from head to toe. We have a Hammer Strength abdominal machine and 3 Hyperextension machines. We also have a Cybex Pec Dec. on the other end of the gym. We have free weight area with dumbbells from three pounds to 100 pounds.

The following is a list of equipment in the free weight area:

  • Decline and Flat Bench for Pressing
  • 2 Incline Benches
  • Squat rack
  • Smith Machine
  • Hammer Strength Leg Press
  • Squat Machine
  • Incline chest/lat pull combo
  • Preacher Curl Bench

From the beginner to the elite athlete we are here to serve you. Come see us soon!